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Kyle is the editor of WORKSPACES and works with the Architecture and Design Community to share the latest in workplace design.

Navigating the New Office: Meeting Room Management

New environments can be stressful for employees. As the move to open offices continues, navigating this new way of work approached wearily by employees. But it doesn’t have to be that way. While technology has driven a new way of working, enabled by mobility, it also provides solutions for the modern workplace. A growingly complex [...]

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Shopify: Culture + Data = Better Office

The Store at reception features items from Shopify customer online shops Walk into Shopify’s office in the heart of downtown Toronto, and you’re greeted by a physical version of one of their many online, merchant stores. As you walk through the space, you’ll find lounges, game rooms, a rooftop patio, ping pong tables, catered lunches [...]

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Creating High Performing Workplaces with a Smarter Office

Facility Managers work to bring design and function together in order to put a company’s vision and culture into place. How does this change in the world of the smart office? The smart office refers to the use of data and technology to automate the office environment, helping simplify and ease the daily use and [...]

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Facility Managers: Why Mobile Workers Need Smart Offices

Pictured above: Accenture's Singapore Innovation Centre (Photo: HOK) USING TECHNOLOGY TO ADAPT TO A MOBILE WORKFORCE Facility Managers are looking to be seen as more than a cost centre within an organization and join the executive conversation on workplace strategy. The role of the Facility Manager is evolving, and requires FMs to create strong workplace [...]

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